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Presentations and Workshops

Scheherezade is happy to create a presentation, workshop, or seminar to meet your specific needs, from a 30 minute lecture/demo presentation at a civic/corporate luncheon to a 2 day choreographic or technique workshop. 

One of our most popular workshop/seminars that is geared to dances of all levels from beginners to professionals is "Cleaning up your Act".  This workshop  is appropriate for every belly dancer from novice to professional!  The focus is on the details that make your dance look polished & complete...all those little important details and tips you either never learned or didn’t pay attention to the first time around! Topics include but are not  limited to: Sculpting Your Dance Space; Arm & Hand tips; Posture, Balance & Position Tips; Entrances, Exits and Pacing; Creating an Atmosphere; Pitfalls to Avoid.

For fees and to schedule a presentation or workshop : or 804 749 3059

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